June 14, 2018

Who I am

My name is Lissette Marte, but you can call me Lissy Marte.

I am a journalist, influencer marketing, and community manager.

I produce web content and products reviews.

Mi nombre es Lissette Marte, conocida como Lissy Marte. Soy periodista, me dedico a la creación de contenido web, reseñas de productos, trading, influencer marketing, entre otras actividades.

I was born in Altamira a municipality in the province of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.

I am a graduate of the School of Social Communication of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), in Santiago city.


For years I worked in media, press, radio, advertising, marketing, digital media and public relations.

Now I collaborate with companies creating content for their clients’ websites, testing products and making reviews.


If you want to know more about me, I invite you to follow me on my social networks.