Creating an atmosphere of Zen in your home is a great way to reduce stress.

Stress has been associated with depression, frequent illness, poor digestion, weight gain and more.

While it can be difficult to control stress outside your home, such as at work, in traffic, and so on, starting somewhere simple like your home by making it a place to relax, unwind and escape the chaos of our modern world, can make a significant difference in stress levels, and overall health.

More than three-quarters of Americans, according to the American Institute of Stress, say they regularly experience physical symptoms connected to stress, such as fatigue, headache upset stomach, muscle tension and appetite changes.

If bringing Zen into your home can help reduce that, why not give it a try?

Your home significantly affects the state of your mind, here’s how to get started on changing things up for the better.


The best place to start is by decluttering. Multiple studies have found that those who have clutter have higher stress levels.

The reason behind it is simple. When things are cluttered, you probably have a hard time finding what you need.

When you know where your things are, you won’t have piles of clutter to go through, eliminating the time and the stress it takes to find it.

The more organized your view, the calmer and less stressed you’ll feel.

While the initial purging session can be tough, the euphoria that comes with tossing out unneeded clutter makes it easier and easier as you move along.

Make Your Entrance More Alluring

When you step inside your home, it should make you breathe a sigh of relief, helping stress melt away as soon as you walk through your door.

Treat your entrance as if it’s an oasis keeping clear of all clutter.

Organize things you normally leave there like shoes by incorporating shoe storage.

Create a décor scheme that makes you happy to be home.

Natural, Warm Lighting

One of the best ways to give your home a bright and airy feel that’s close to nature for a stress-free environment is to make use of light.

Let light flow in everywhere you can by keeping window treatments to a minimum.

Think warm lighting, eliminating harsh overhead lights, instead of combining ambient and soft lights for a more tranquil mood.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Things Up

Don’t be afraid to use contrasting textures, such as a floor with a glossy surface with a cut-pile rug tossed over it.

Remodel entirely by changing your typical square room into something that’s round by utilizing living room designers for a more dramatic Zen-like change.

Bring the Outdoors In

Being immersed in nature is a great way to reduce stress.

 Scientific Research has found that filling your living space with plants is a great way to boost memory, concentration, and mood as well as help you feel calmer.

Just viewing more greenery, being among the presence of natural elements, is known to lower stress.

That’s partly because when we breathe release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, it naturally freshens the air and gets rid of potentially harmful toxins.

 Research out of NASA discovered that plants can remove some 90 toxins in the air, every single day.

No wonder we feel so much better when we’re around plants!


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